Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2011 Civic GX - Powered by Natural Gas

The 2011 Honda Civic GX runs on compressed natural gas and is usually targeted to fleet and government customers. Honda is now going to allow customers who live in Utah, Oklahoma, California and New York to purchase the natural gas powered Civic GX from authorized dealers. Because the emissions put off by the Civic GX are so low, buyers can qualify for $4,000 worth of federal tax credits as the government continues to promote new fueling infrastructures and clean, alternative fuel vehicles. 

The Civic GX has a 4 cylinder engine that produces 113 horsepower at 6300 rpm. According to the EPA, the Civic GX has a good fuel economy - 24/36 miles per GGE (Gasoline Gallon Equivalent). The maximum fuel tank capacity is 8.0 GGE. 

Standard equipment is a 5-speed automatic transmission, cruise control, power windows and doors, keyless entry, AM/FM/CD player with MP3 and WMA capabilities, and a multi function center console. You also get safety features such as the occupant position detection system, front airbags that are duel stage, anti-lock brakes, and more. 

This vehicle, built in the USA, is the only one of its kind made in America. It's built at Honda's facility in Greensburg, Indiana. 

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  1. While this seems to be a lot cleaner than electric (which is ultimately powered by coal) and gas, isn't it dangerous? I mean, doesn't natural gas blow up more easily?

  2. I'm sure they have something in place to account for any blowing up the gas might do. If it weren't at least as safe as gasoline, then I don't think Honda would use it.