Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Honda Electric Vehicle

Carmakers are finally recognizing the need for vehicles that are less polluting than traditional gas powered cars. The government is also recognizing that need, offering tax breaks to those who purchase these vehicles. Honda is one of the leaders in the industry in discovering new and innovative ways to make cleaner cars. 

On November 17, Honda will debut it's all new electric vehicle concept. The world debut will occur at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show. Honda will also  reveal a new plug-in hybrid that will showcase the next generation hybrid technology that Honda has been working on. 

Honda's vision for the future - a cleaner environment with earth friendly vehicles - will be shown beyond a shadow of a doubt when the new electric and hybrid vehicles are revealed. This is the first time that Honda has enjoyed a worldwide debut of its concepts at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Details will be announced at the show. 
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  1. This is great, but electric cars are only feasible if there is the infrastructure to support them. Those in apartments aren't able to charge them if there is nowhere to do it, for example. And in more rural areas, it'd be difficult. There'd be more demand for these if it was going to be easy to recharge them.

  2. Honda just keeps on surprising me.

  3. At least they're trying