Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All-new Honda Electric Vehicle Concept Debut

Everyone is buzzing about electric vehicles. If you don't know, an electric vehicle is exactly what it sounds like. These vehicles run on electricity. Charging stations allow people on the go to charge up the battery so that they can keep going. You can also plug in your vehicle at home, charging it in your garage while you sleep. These vehicles are better for the environment because they do not put off fumes like gasoline powered vehicles do, and they also put off less noise pollution. 

Honda is very responsible where the environment is concerned, and the company has worked hard to try and not only prove they are environmentally responsible, but that they also are leaders in green technology. 

An all-new electric vehicle concept will be unveiled at the 2010 Los Angeles auto show on November 17. The unveiling is scheduled to take place at 1:20 PM PST. President and CEO of Honda Motor Co., Ltd Takanobu Ito and American Honda Motor Co., Inc, executive vice president John Mendel will be the keynote presenters. 

If you can't attend in person, you can watch via webcast. 

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