Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Bash Details

Earlier this week we talked about the haunted house and the Halloween celebration that is going to be held at Manly Automotive on Corby Avenue in Santa Rosa, California. You already know that it is going to be one scary haunted house that opens at Manly Automotive on October 8th, but do you know what all is going to be there? Here are some more details to help make you even more scared about coming to the Halloween celebration - and even more likely to be there. 

Here's the back story. 

While you are traveling down Route 666 late one evening, driving along deep in the bayou in a remote section of the backwater slough, you see a small sign pointing to a road side attraction. You decide to stop and take a look. 

You enter the shanty and enter the macabre world of the Hunter Family. You meet the members as you walk through the dingy halls, and see the strange and unusual artifacts that they have been collecting for years. You'll see and smell this sideshow of terror and discover that the Hunter Family were friends of Ripley. 

There will be three attractions at the Halloween bash. One is the Blind Scream. This is a black out maze that is huge. It's about 6400 square feet. And you will have to use a glow stick to get through it. 

Not creepy enough? Add Doc's Horrortorium, which is a museum like haunted house. You'll see things you never though possible. Things you probably won't want to see again. 

Then there is The Last Ride. This is a coffin ride. It takes about 3 minutes and is like you are truly being buried alive. You will actually enter a real coffin and experience the sights and smells that will make it seem all too real. 

Now that you have a few more details, get ready to be scared and have fun, all starting this October 8!

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  1. No way will I go on the coffin ride! But that maze sounds awesome!

  2. The Horrortorium sounds cool too.