Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Automatic Transmission versus Manual Transmission

Everyone has their favorite when it comes to driving a car that has automatic transmission versus manual transmission.  Many try as they might give up on learning how to drive the manual transmission cars because they get frustrated with the car dying on them all the time. While those that learned from the very beginning on a manual transmission car wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Cars that have an automatic transmission are simple to operate because the person driving only uses the shift bar for the steering wheel assembly which also could be located between the two front seats. The driver simply shifts from the park indicator to the drive notch and off they go. The car will shift itself automatically as needed into the higher gears as the car moves faster.

With a manual transmission the car not only needs to be driven with two feet by they must also move the clutch before they attempt to shift gears manually. A drive also will need to disengage the clutch slowly so that the car will move forward. When the car starts to move at a faster speed a driver then has to repeat this process until they are at the proper gear for the speed they are driving at.

Manual transmission driving might take a lot of a person in city driving situations but when there is an open road there is far less need for the use of the clutch.  When using the manual stick shift driving option a driver does have more control but they will have more difficulty if they need to stop on top of a hill because the car will want to roll backwards as the driver takes their foot off the brake.

As far as the difference for power when it comes to a five speed manual transmission there is more of a rapid acceleration then there would be with an automatic transmission. A drive controls the gear changes with a stick shift where a driver with automatic will be able to have sufficient enough power on its own for the new gear it moves into. Many times automatic shifting to a higher gear to quickly will stop any full throttle acceleration.

The down side for automatic cars is that they do use more fuel then a manual car. The reason for this is that it takes more power to operate a car that has automatic transmission and that they require more complex servicing then a manual car would need. Also if an automatic car battery goes dead it won’t move and a manual stick shift car can be pushed in order to get it started.

Having a manual shifting car does have less of a resale value but the other side of the coin is that they normally cost a little less then the automatic cars.

Those people that learned how to drive a manual transmission car from the very beginning wouldn’t trade their manual shifting car driving for anything but as well those that have only learned how to drive an automatic would not think to bother to try to learn to drive a manual transmission car. It is definitely is a personal choice but either way both choices have positive sides as well as negative sides.

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  1. I drive an automatic because I prefer to just put it in D for Drive and not have to worry about the fact that I am uncoordinated!