Monday, September 27, 2010

New Lease Specials

Great news for those who want a new Honda! For a limited time, come and take advantage of our new lease special. 

While all of our Honda vehicles are not only certified but affordable, we have a special on brand new Hondas where you can drive away with a new Honda with no money down. Instead of paying $1500 or $3000 as a down payment to lease a new car, just come and talk to us. 

Remember that this is just for a limited time, but it's a great offer. $0 down payment, $0 security deposit, $0 first month's payment, and $0 due at the lease signing. Want to know something else great? For 60 months, your interest rate is also at 0% .

Now you may be wondering just what kinds of vehicles can you possibly get for a deal like that. Unlike some car dealers, Manly Honda only offers the best. All of our models are eligible for this $0 down, 0% interest for 60 months deal, and this includes brand new models.

Perhaps you want a 2010 Honda Accord Sedan or a 2010 Honda Civic Sedan. Need something else? How about a 2010 Honda Fit, also available for the great price. 

Get in touch with us for the complete details about this great new lease deal but hurry - it will only be around for a limited time!

Let Manly Automotive Group help you in your new and previously owned vehicle choices today stop by our website today and drive away knowing that you made the right choice with us! We also can be found on Twitter and Facebook. Stop on over and visit us!


  1. This sounds great! Need to go shopping for a new car and this sounds like a good opportunity.

  2. I like leasing a lot more than buying. Mainly because of the monthly payments, but this is one of the best deals I've seen.

  3. I'm going to have to check this out closer. Maybe I'll be able to finally get a decent car.