Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Hydrogen Car for a Greener Tomorrow

You may not have heard about Hydrogen Cars but they are available not for purchase but for lease however right now you can only have the chance to do so in the State of California thanks to Honda’s FCX model. Hydrogen vehicles do not use gasoline and they do not add pollutants to the air. What they do add to the air is steam and not the exhaust fumes.

It is the hope of car manufacturers that these Hydrogen cars to have these fuel efficient vehicles on the market in the next 30 years. The technology for Hydrogen cars have been around since the early 19th century. Many of the auto manufacturers have already made concept cars that are Hydrogen fueled.

The Fuel Cell is what makes the Hydrogen car possible to drive by converting hydrogen into electricity that gives off only heat and water.  However there are many problems that they are running into that need to be resolved before they will actually be put on the market. Many are asking where will people get the hydrogen and how expensive will these hydrogen cars be along with many other questions. Many are asking whether or not hydrogen vehicles will really be as non polluting as everyone is making them out to be.

Hydrogen cars manufacturing is not so different then making the typical vehicles of today.  Hydrogen cars and electric cars have the same thing in common when it comes to creating electricity with the same type of electrical system.

The biggest problem everyone is facing is how we will actually end up producing the hydrogen to power these vehicles. Even though hydrogen is the most abundant of elements it is also the lightest of the elements. It is actually very difficult to contain hydrogen because it floats off the surface of the planet almost immediately. What hydrogen that is actually on our surface comes in the form of water molecules and that we definitely have a lot of water on the surface our planet.

Nearly 150 years ago Sir William Grove discovered how to pull hydrogen from water by using electrolysis. When this is done an electric current will run through the water which breaks it down. The process is a slow one but since we have so much water on our planet it could definitely be done on a large scale production.

There are experts that are suggesting that there is a possibility to produce hydrogen by building small hydrogen plants and these then can be put into the average person’s garage so that there would be no need to create local fueling stations.  Others suggest that electrolysis could be put directly in the cars themselves however this would be a more costly venture as well as the fact that this particular process would require a battery that would need to be re-charged every so often.

Right now these fuel celled concept cars are just a dream to many but it goes to show you that people are continually striving to reduce the pollutants that are being created today which only means for a cleaner planet tomorrow.

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