Monday, August 9, 2010

Tips for Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle

If you are thinking of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle it just might have some worth while advantages for you then choosing to purchase that brand new vehicle. You will more then likely be saving some significant about of money when you one that is pre-owned however, you also take some risks that you wouldn’t be taking when making a new car purchase.

Here are some tips for you to consider before choosing that vehicle - 

Most pre-owned vehicles will include the remainder of any of the original manufacturer warranty, as well as an extended warranty. They might differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. As an example one manufacturer might offer a 12 month 12,000 miles warranty with bumper to bumper coverage and another might offer a 5 year 100,000 mile power train warranty for its certified used vehicle. Those that are well maintained and in very good condition will be reflected in the price and it may be a bit higher than those that are not certified pre-owned.

When shopping for that pre-owned vehicle always think twice before purchasing one that is not certified pre-owned. If you purchase a pre-owned vehicle that is certified you will want to try to get some of the remainder of the manufacturer’s original warranty so that you can still take proper performance care of that vehicle. Newer vehicles usually have some years left on the basic warranty as well as they may even have some left on their power train warranty.

Always ask for the Car’s maintenance record information when you are purchasing a used vehicle. Check for any problems that may have shown up in the past. If someone is offering you a used vehicle and does not offer you the maintenance record, is more then likely means that there is something wrong with it or is just in really bad condition and you should think twice before you buy. Always have a mechanic check any vehicle that does not come with the maintenance record.

When you are looking at a pre-owned vehicle you should always have a third party mechanic inspect the car. The mechanic you choose will advise you of any issues or possible problems with the vehicle that you need to know about.  Also if that person trying to sell you the vehicle won’t allow a third party mechanic inspection then walk away.

Also something that not many people do is to do a little research on the VIN which is known as the Vehicle Identification number to obtain the vehicle’s history. Other’s may have it on the inside driver’s door jam or on the engine bay. You should then take that VIN to a reliable source such as Carfax to get a complete history on the vehicle. They will be able to tell you of any accidents, what maintenance was performed and who owned it prior to you.

Sometimes there is a bit more to purchasing a used vehicle then there is with a new one; however with a bit of research you will have peace of mind before signing on the dotted line.

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