Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Facts and Nothing but the Facts of SRS

The SRS or also known as the supplemental restraint system is the warning light is more commonly known as the air bag system light. It is a computer controlled system that will deploy one or air bags as needed. This system also will tighten seat belts in order to protect the driver and passengers in a collision to prevent any harm that my come to any of the occupants.

In order for the SRS system to work properly every passenger must latch themselves in via their seat belt. This sort of system is also described as the passive restraint system due to the fact that the driver or a passenger does not need to do anything to activate the SRS system.

When a driver starts their vehicle, it is normal for the SRS light to light itself up for a few seconds to do its self testing. When the light goes out your SRS system is ready, however, if the light stays on then you can be certain that there is something faulty in your SRS system. When this happens the system will disable itself. The bad part is if there is an accident the air bags will not release nor will the seat belts tighten.
If the lights do stay on you will need to bring your vehicle in to a qualified repair shop so that the SRS system can be inspected and have the necessary repairs done. This system is important so it’s not a good idea to put off this type of repair.
An incentive to getting your SRS system repairs is that more and more insurance companies will not cover your medical expenses if it was determined that the SRS system had been disabled and not repaired. The system has a black box just like airplanes do and records any data from your accident. It can tell them what speed you were going as well as how many people actually had their seat belts on. So if you’re insurance company finds the fault to be with you not repairing the system over a certain time frame they will not be willing to cover any injuries that may have occurred.
Another cause of concern for you should be if your SRS light system not only stays on but starts flashing on and off. This means that the fault system has been compromised and you are putting not only yourself but your passengers at risk.
There are some newer and more enhancements that have recently been made to the SRS systems which can recline a front seat which will help those sitting in the front portion of the vehicle to absorb the whiplash phase in a collision which is the cause of most neck and spinal injuries. Many of the newer vehicles have side air bags as well to protect the occupants from hitting the side of the car with their heads. There are also some that come with curtains that drop down to protect everyone from the breaking glass that comes from the windshield or side windows.
The facts are simply just the facts; the SRS system is a wonderful system to protect not only you and your passengers so it makes perfect sense to make sure that it is fully operational at all times. When an accident happens you’ll be glad you took care of any issues before it has become to late.
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  1. The technology will only get better

  2. Amazing technology

  3. I know many people lives have been saved from air bags

  4. I also know some people who were saved by the air bags. I will never understand why some people want them disabled. Why would you not want to repair something that can save you?