Monday, August 2, 2010

Cash for Clunkers

Cash for Clunkers which been around for about a year now is a program that helps to jump start car sales during the current recession. Automakers are facing some pretty tough challenges during these economic times; however some companies have been able to increase their sales compared to the sales flow from last year.

All Honda sales were down over 5 percent, but currently sales tallies have increased well over 9 percent versus sales totals from last year. The strongest sellers seem to be Honda’s Odyssey, Honda Pilot and the Acura MDX.

As for Hyundai they continue their sales have increased 19 percent over last year and year to day they are up 24 percent which is a record for the company. Having redesigned their models which are now fueling the move forward the leaders for Honda seem to be the Sonata and Tucson. The Elantra is also selling strong with a 34 percent increase over last year and all this after last years redesign offing.

Nissan as well has posted a 12 percent increase over last year and has gained strong sales with their Rogue and Murano SUV’s. The new QC56 and Infiniti G Sedan has also had a sales increase compared to last year’s figures.

Subaru marked its highest ever sales increase which is up 10 percent even though they have experienced these sales increases during last years Clunker program. Overall their sales are up 30 percent over last years sales. Their recently redesigned Legacy and Outback are still drawing in customers.

Toyota sales overall are down 6 percent but over all the year to date figures show them up over 7 percent from last year. Their Camry is continuing to sell very well which is their second highest selling vehicle.
All continue to be hoping to see these numbers continue to increase as the year progresses quickly to an end. For the moment however they are enjoying record breaking numbers from last year’s full month of Cash for Clunkers sales.

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