Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tips for Car Battery Maintenance

Your car’s battery is it’s lifeline with out this power your car just isn’t going to go anywhere. Take care of your car’s battery and it will keep your car running for a long time.

Here are some good guidelines in keeping that battery in tip top shape!

Test your car’s battery regularly and especially if you are planning a long trip or after it has just been recharged. One thing you don’t want to have happen when you are far from your home is a battery that fails to start.

Park that Car in the garage especially in the winter months, because an insulated garage will keep that battery warm on those cold winter nights. By keeping your battery warm in the winter time it will be easier for your car to start. If you don’t have an insulated garage, then you should insulate it yourself with a blanket.  

When you test your battery, you should take the time to do a once over cleaning, by removing the clamps and cleaning any dirt and great from the terminals as well as on the clamps themselves. You will have a nice strong connection and you won’t be weakening the battery’s charge. Clean the exterior of the battery case with baking soda which you will need to dissolve in warm water. Dirt will conduct electricity as well as discharge electricity.

While cleaning your battery check the fluid level. If it is low add some distilled water to top it off. In keeping the fluid levels full this will help extend the life of your car’s battery. If you don’t see any fluid, you may want to just go ahead and replace the battery. When there is lack of fluid that is a good indicator that your battery is near the end of its life span.

Make sure that your battery is safe and secure in its mounting bracket. A loose battery will slide around and become damage and in some instances has been know to cause short circuiting.  

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  1. I never knew that dirt conducted electricity good article

  2. I used to feel silly when I covered the engine with a blanket because my garage isn't heated now I don't feel that way, my car starts when others in my neighborhood don't!

  3. I have never tested the battery before a long road trip and never had an issue but it makes good sense to do it