Friday, August 27, 2010

Up and Coming Auto Technologies

We have all seen the movies where cars of the future have been depicted and they showed that the vehicle could interact with the driver with no assistance from the person driving. Cars of today are starting to take on those futuristic technologies.

The Hybrid has been on the market for a bit now and there is technology on the horizon where the vehicles will be totally electric and with no need for any gasoline. Think of what the auto makers are doing as far as the technology in trying to create a fully electric automobile that gives off zero emissions and where you once saw gas stations you will start seeing recharging stations that would run on solar power or even quite possibly wind power.

When it comes to safety features for the future with manufacturers developing systems that are using radar and or lasers to assist a driver in keeping a safe distance from the other vehicles. The technology is astounding and according to some manufacturer surveys their crash tests are looking very promising.

Many say that they sure don’t make cars like they used to and they are totally correct. The vehicles of today are far more light weight and have better fuel economy and give off lower emissions. Yes it is correct to say that when you have lighter vehicles they don’t handle accidents very well. The technology to create the lighter materials are now  being made with  materials that will hold up as well as with stand a bigger collision then when they first came out on the market.  

Those computerized cars that you saw in the movies are now being realized through computer technology. Items such as the GPS or global positioning systems are becoming a standard for vehicles. There are also some on the market that come equipped with breathalyzers so that the driver if they have been drinking will not be able to start their car if they do not past the test.

Self driving cars are going to become a reality in the world some where in the future. The concept is there but as of yet we have not come that far. A self driving car concept in the works is one where a vehicle will be able to be used that contains a magnet system.

So don’t be surprised when one day we are all driving a car of the future and putting aside any thought to those old heavy gas guzzling and air polluting automobiles.

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  1. I'm sure there are so many great technologies that aren't even being told or reported about

  2. Nothing will stand in the way of a people and their imaginations.

  3. Topics like these make me proud that I can protect my family with such awesome technology

  4. I don't think they will let anything stand in their way I think all car manufacturers are in a race to see who gets the best out of their designs first

  5. It's very exciting to know that we are always trying to better our technology

  6. It's amazing how far we've come where car tech is concerned. Just imagine what we will have in the future!