Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Service Value of Sales Prospects

Dealerships in the past believed that the value of a sales opportunity was realized only if a customer actually made a purchase. But in today’s world they are finding that the value comes from every aspect of their business. They are now realizing that it is necessary to integrate sales prospects by giving them information into their marketing database and even more important is that it should be a part of their marketing strategy.

When it comes to marketing strategies for service, a typical dealer will rely on the customer that had previously purchased a vehicle from their dealership as well as using them as a feeder for their business and other service opportunities. With the economy today, many service departments are having to deal with corresponding a reduction in their revenue. A recent press release by J.D. Power & Associates stated that dealer service traffic volumes are expected to decline through to 2013 which will result in a 25 percent decrease in total service dollars.

These days to bring in new service customers a store manager will need to come up ways to increase their business and many dealerships are finding out that with used car leads from third party providers will help in turning that into a new car sale.

When a sales person is sourcing floor or phone customers they need to be able to encourage a potential customer and obtain their email address so in the future they will be able to send an offers or specials directly to them. Those prospects that are not willing to give up their email addresses to a sales person might decide to do so in order to get that deal on service.

Dealers should be competing for a customers business by offering a service package that is designed to win them over to your service department even in the event that the customer had purchased their vehicle at a competitor’s dealership.

Regular emails, coupons, testimonials as well as other information about service packages should be sent out by the Service Managers which are designed to be competitive along with their quick lube service centers.
Whether it is a new or used car lead and it actually closes you can set another standard for a sales practices by offering your new customer a free service or even a coupon for a series of discounted services package. It might seem to be something obvious to some and probably even effortless for a marketing opportunity, however, many dealerships do not do this. Many new vehicle owners are wandering out their doors with pretty much no information about the dealerships service department and nor are they receiving an incentive to return for future servicing to that very vehicle that they just purchase from them.

A successful dealership will be able to find ways to bring in those unsold prospective buyers and unlock each and every lead’s true value by taking it a step further in expanding their lead sources. In turn those that are Internet Sales Managers may be able to obtain additional lead budget dollars if part of that investment could be absorbed by the dealerships service department and include it in their marketing budget.

In trying some new techniques, you could make your dealership have a jump in the service portion of your business during a time when it will be needed the most.

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  1. Very good points made!

  2. I'm glad someone is finally pointing this out to those that are selling cars. It just takes a little imagination and persistence to get a consumer to follow your business.