Monday, August 23, 2010

Hyrbid Cars Equals a Good Eco Strategy

It is common knowledge that older cars have a significant impact on gas emission when it comes to global warming. The Green house effect is a result of the carbon dioxides that we have put into the air. It has affected the health of humans and is killing plants all over the world. It damages everything it encounters. You know those days when you see a haze across the land that is carbon dioxide. Thankfully car manufacturers are being forced into developing new technologies to reduce the level of gas emissions that are being put into the air and they are attacking this problem by producing hybrid cars.

The technology that is being put into the new hybrid cars will significantly increase the quality of our air. There are many methods of reducing the pollutants that are given off by an car engines and the technology is getting more advance with every newly developed car as they come into the market. New additives have been developed to replace tetraethyl lead which is in gasoline and there are devices to remove pollutants from the exhaust system to make combustion in an engine more complete.

The new hybrid cars combine the sources of a rechargeable battery and gasoline which are also called gasoline electric cars. The battery in a hybrid is used to provide the needed acceleration power but once the car is stopped the hybrid gasoline motor shuts off and runs off the electric motor and battery.

There are two types of hybrids a parallel hybrid and a series hybrid car. The difference is that a parallel hybrid has a fuel tank that supplies gasoline to the engine while the series hybrid has a generator which is turned by the gasoline engine. It charges the battery or power of the electric motor that drives the transmission. Components that make up a hybrid car are a gasoline engine, fuel tank, electric motor, generator, batteries and the transmission. Both the engine and the electric motor can turn the transmission at the very same time and then transmission will then turn the wheels.

This innovative technology is the alternative energy solution to help us to reduce the risk further global warming. Hybrids reduce the fuel emissions that the hybrid engine draws on the battery when the car is not accelerating. CO2 is another component or also called trace gasses that make up the other part of the air’s composition. If cars do not put CO2 into the air then there will be no more threat of these trace gases.

For the time being it is expensive to produce hybrid cars but Honda has been the leader in production in bringing the CO2 trace gases down to practically zero.

Every car manufacturer realizes that cars contribute in a big way to global warming. We have the technology available so if Honda can do its part in reducing air pollution that is contributing to Global warming then the rest of the auto manufacturers should being doing their part as well.

The Toyota hybrid the Highlander is available in front and all wheel drive version features two electric motors one that powers the front wheels and the second that powers the rear wheels. This system is a twin motor that has no drive shaft connecting the transmission and the rear wheels have the effect of reducing weight and enhance the interior leg room for comfort.

It is a well known fact that Americans are used to the older traditional cars and they choose them because of their safety and power it has become a difficult task to get the American consumers to change their way of thinking but if sales of Honda’s and Toyota’s hybrid cars we may just be coming around to a new way of thinking.

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  1. I think that as time goes on it will only get better!

  2. I think what Toyota has been doing to better the gas emissions as well as their plans for the future out shine any other car manufacturer

  3. It makes sense to drive a hybrid

  4. One day everyone will be driving a hybrid or something even better

  5. This is why I drive a Hybrid!

  6. More and more, people are going to begin driving Hybrids and as they do, the costs will get more and more budget friendly I think.